Ranacles 2016

Université Paris-Sorbonne’s Education Department (ESPE de Paris) will host the 24th RANACLES Conference on 24-26 November 2016.

Registrations to the conference are now closed.

The full conference programme and all necessary practical information are now available to download:

With the advent of Web 2.0 technologies, major shifts linked to globalization, mobility and community participation now challenge the traditional definitions of second language (L2) learning spaces, as well as of spaces dedicated to research in the field of L2 learning and teaching.


  • Paris Sorbonne - Chapel
  • Paris Sorbonne - Square
  • Paris - UPMC Jussieu tower
  • ESPE Paris
  • Bateau-mouche


The concepts of place, environment, time and space, or even negotiation of meaning are particularly being called into question by these changes; and these in turn offer multiple prospects for both L2 learning and L2 research.

The days when learners had to go from one place to another to consult information resources seem to be over, and the very nature and roles of L2 learning spaces may need to be reconsidered in terms of, e.g., interaction, socialization, mutual confidence and cooperation… Hence the following questions: how can we define and describe the forms taken by these spaces? What are their functions and their roles? How can pedagogical design and spatial design be articulated?

The digital world also makes it possible to expand the complexity of projects, and the study of learning processes related to this higher complexity is therefore becoming part of the research landscape. Such is the case, for instance, of corpus building projects which make structured and contextualized data freely available, thus paving the way for collaborative research work.


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